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Effect of Armillaria root disease on quality and value of green Douglas-fir lumber. 2010. Cruickshank, M.G. Forestry Chronicle 86(2): 263-266.

Year: 2010

Issued by: Canadian Wood Fibre Centre

Catalog ID: 32064

Language: English

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For a few tree species, scattered accounts of impact caused by root disease exist in the literature mainly at the tree level. No product quality impacts have ever been measured or properly costed. To provide some information on value impacts, green rough-sawn Douglas-fir lumber was cut from trees with and without Armillaria root disease. This produced 80 boards from six trees in two planted stands. Fewer boards came from living diseased trees compared to healthy trees of similar diameter (1.3 m) at both sites, suggesting that disease may affect stem taper or form. Lumber from diseased trees was affected most often by warp and for healthy trees by knots, but warp affected value the most. Disease appears to have at best no effect, and at worst, a negative effect on lumber value but is not likely to increase value. This is the first report of the impact of a root disease on lumber quality and value, but further work would be required to properly assess this.