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Bioherbicides for forestry: development of some procedures for bioassay of phytotoxins. 1992. Prasad, R.P.; Warren-Dixon, H. Plant Protection Quarterly 7(4): 154-156.

Year: 1992

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 3299

Language: English

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Laboratory and greenhouse experiments were carried out with extracts of three fungi, Fusarium oxysporum, Cylindrocarpon destructans, Collectotrichum dematium and a commercially manufactured phytotoxin, bialaphos and its analog, glufosinate. These materials were bioassayed on leaf disks of three forest weeds (fireweed, red alder and thimbleberry) and on whole plants of lettuce, soybeans, duckweed and thimbleberry. Results demonstrated that some phytotoxins especially those from Cylindrocarpon showed potential for forest weed control. However, the greatest herbicidal activities were obtained from bialaphos and glufosinate. The implication of these findings in relation to biological control of forest weeds by mycoherbicides and natural herbicides (microbial phytotoxins) is discussed.