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Quametopia, a new genus of Nearctic anthomyzidae (Diptera), with description of two new species, immature states and life history. 2011. Rohácek,J.; Barber, K.N. European Journal of Entomology 108:287 -326.

Year: 2011

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 33059

Language: English

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Quametopia gen. n. is established on the basisof recent phylogenetic analysis of taxa formerly assembled under the genus Mumetopia Melander, 1913 to include M. terminalis (Loew, 1863) and twonew closely related Nearctic species of Anthomyzidae. The new genus is diagnosed and its phylogenetic relationships discussed. Quametopia terminalis (Loew, 1863) comb. n. is trans ferred from Mumetopia and redescribed based on revision of the type material (lectotypes of Anthophilina terminalis Loew, 1863 and its synonym Mumetopia nitens Melander, 1913 are designated) and other extensive material. Quametopia clintonia sp. n. and Q. amplistylus sp. n. (both from Canada, USA) are described and relationships of all three Quametopia species discussed. Immature stages of Q. terminalis and Q. clintonia sp. n. obtained by means of adult-to-adult rearing are described (1st- and 2nd-instar larvae for the first time in the family Anthomyzidae) and illustrated. Keys to adults, eggs, larvae and puparia of Quametopia species are presented. Biology (habitat and host-plant associations, life history) of Q. terminalis and Q. clintonia sp, n. are studied in detail and their ecological separation demonstrated. Distribution of all Quametopia species is reviewed.