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Sporophore production of Agaricus bisporus in aseptic environments. 1969. Park, J.Y.; Agnihotri, V.P. Antonie van Leeuwenhock 35:523-528.

Year: 1969

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 33114

Language: English

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Production of mature sporophores of Agaricus bisporus was achieved for the first time in amended, autoc1aved soil, gamma·sterilized soil, and soil-extract agar medium. The initiation of sporophores was triggered by metabolites ·of soil-inhabiting bacteria, particularly nodule forming isolates. Whether a single metabolite or several metabolites of these bacteria caused formation of sporophores could not be established; however, biotin alone when added to soil extract medium produced comparable results. The potentiality, of different bacteria to induce sporophore formation varied consigerably within species and isolates. Amino acids favored vegetative growth of A. bispdrus, but failed to induce formation of sporophores. Organic acids supported luxuriant growth and poor sporophore formation. Among'several growthpromoting substances and vitamins, biotin induced abundant formation of mature sporophores.