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Extraction, purification and properties of_Bacillus sotto_ toxin. 1956. Angus, T.A. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 2:416-426.

Year: 1956

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 33164

Language: English

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A proteinaceous toxin has been extralctcd from sporulated cultures of Bacillus sollo Ishiwata. The toxin is similar in amino acid composition and biological activity, to the crystalline inclusions produced by this microorganism and it appears that the toxic protein is associated with the crystals. The toxin is stable, and causes paralysis and death in the larvae of Bombyx mori L. (the silkworm) and other lepidopterous insects. Thc symptoms caused by the toxin are identical with those caused by ingestion of the whole microorganism.