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Implications of some recent studies of Bacillus thuringiensis a personal purview. 1970. Angus, T.A. Proceedings, IVth International Coloquium on Insect Pathology 1970. 183-189.

Year: 1970

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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The effect of 5 endotoxin from Bacillus liJurillgiellsis var. sotto has been studied in Bombyx mori larvae. About 10 minutes after ingestion of crystals some slight changes were noted. At 25 minutes, columnar cells had become elongated with their cell apices swollen so that they bulged over adjacent goblet cells. At 40 minutes the membrane appeared as if it had burst releasing cell contents. It is suggested that the crystal protein is split to a small compound which is adsorbed on the cell membrane. The membrane ceases to be selectively permeable and the cells literally bloat. They then either rupture or disintegrate.