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New Coleoptera records from New Brunswick, Canada: Dermestidae, Endecatomidae, Bostrichidae, and Ptinidae. 2012. Webster, R.P.; Sweeney, J.D.; DeMerchant, I.; Turgeon, M. ZooKeys 179:127-139. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.179.2627

Year: 2012

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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We report nine new species records for the Coleoptera fauna of New Brunswick, Canada from the families Dermestidae, Endecatomidae, Bostrichidae, and Ptinidae. Anthrenus museorum (Linnaeus) of the family Dermestidae is newly recorded for New Brunswick. Endecatomus rugosus (Randall) and the family Endecatomidae are recorded for the first time for New Brunswick and the Maritime provinces. Two Bostrichidae, the adventive Dinoderus minutus (Fabricius) and the native Stephanopachys substriatus (Paykull), are newly recorded for the province. Five species of Ptinidae, the adventive Anobium punctatum (DeGeer) and Microbregma emarginatum emarginatum (Duftschmid), and the native Hadrobregmus notatus (Say), Ptilinus lobatus Casey, and P. ruficornis Say are added to the faunal list of New Brunswick. Collection data, bionomic data, and distribution maps are presented for all these species.