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Webster, R.P.; Sweeney, J.D.; DeMerchant, I. 2012. New Coleoptera records from New Brunswick, Canada: Stenotrachelidae, Oedemeridae, Meloidae, Myceteridae, Boridae, Pythidae, Pyrochroidae, Anthicidae, and Aderidae. ZooKeys 179:279-307. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.179.2629

Year: 2012

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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We report 19 new species records for the faunal list of Coleoptera in New Brunswick, Canada, six of which are new records for the Maritime provinces, and one of which is new Canadian record. We also provide the first recent records for five additional species in New Brunswick. One new species of Stenotrachelidae, Cephaloon ungulare LeConte, is added to the New Brunswick faunal list. Additional records are provided for Cephaloon lepturides Newman, as well the first recent record of Nematoplus collaris LeConte. Two species of Oedemeridae, Asclera puncticollis (Say) and Asclera ruficollis (Say), are newly reported for New Brunswick, and additional locality and bionomic data are provided for Calopus angustus LeConte and Ditylus caeruleus (Randall). The records of D. caerulus are the first recent records for the province. Three species of Meloidae, Epicauta pestifera Werner, Lytta sayi LeConte, and Meloe augustcollis Say are reported the first time for New Brunswick; Epicauta pestifera is newly recorded in Canada. Lacconotus punctatus LeConte and the family Mycteridae is newly recorded for New Brunswick. The first recent records of Borus unicolor Say (Boridae) are reported from the province. One new species of Pythidae, Pytho siedlitzi Blair, and the first recent records of Pytho niger Kirby are added to the faunal list of New Brunswick. Three species of Pyrochroidae are newly reported for the province, including Pedilus canaliculatus (LeConte) and Pedilus elegans (Hentz), which are new for the Maritime provinces. Five species of Anthicidae and the first recent record of Anthicus cervinus LaFerté-Sénectére are newly reported for New Brunswick. Anthicus melancholicus LaFerté-Sénectere, Sapintus pubescens (LaFerté-Sénectere), Notoxus bifasciatus (LeConte), and Stereopalpus rufipes Casey are new to the Maritime provinces faunal list. Ambyderus granularis (LeConte) is removed from the faunal list of the province. Three species of Aderidae, Vanonus huronicus Casey, Z. fasciatus (Melsheimer), and Zonantes pallidus Werner, are newly recorded for New Brunswick; Zonantes fasciatus and V. huronicus are new for the Maritime provinces’ faunal list. Collection data, bionomic data, and distribution maps are presented for all these species.