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The fallingsnow ecosystem project: an environmental assessment of alternative conifer release treatments. (Abstract) 1998. Bell, F.W; Lautenschlager, R.A.; Wagner, R.B.; Reynolds, P.E.; Woodcock, J.; Hawkins, J.W.; Pitt, D.G.; Simpson, J.A.; Houston, A.; Prezio, J.R.; Lankester, M.W.; Thompson, D.G.; Ward, J.L.; Duchesne, L.C.; Newmaster, S.G.; Addison, J.A.; Visser, S.; Wood, N.; Gordon, A.M.; Bogart, J; Prevost, Y.H.; Runesson, U.T.; St-Armour, M.L.; Ryder, J.P. Third International Conference on Forest Vegetation Management: Popular Summaries. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Ontario Forest Research Institute. Forest Research Information Paper No. 141. p48-50.

Year: 1998

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 33539

Language: English

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