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Foliage quality and its effect on budworm populations: a modeller's viewpoint. 1983. Fleming, R.A. Proceedings, forest defoliator - host interactions: A comparison between gypsy moth and spruce budworms: 1983 April 5-7. New Haven, Ct. General Technical Report NE-85. p 113-123.

Year: 1983

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 34133

Language: English

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Although it may soon be possible to alter stand foliage quality and thus reduce budworm reproductivity, the impact of such changes on the budworm-forest system remains unclear. There are currently a number of hypotheses concerning the key biological mechanisms which drive the bud worm-forest system. The possible effects of changes in foliage quality are examined for four such alternative hypotheses. Each hypothesis suggests that in the short-term reducing foliage quality will lengthen the interval between out breaks, increase the rate of stand wood volume production, and increase outbreak severity—and overall, improve the budworm problem in economic terms. The situation for the long-term is less certain: in some circumstances reducing foliage quality may even aggravate the budworm problem from an economic viewpoint.