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Stages in the development of two insect viruses. Plate LXVII. 1954. Bird, F.T.; Whalen, M.M. Proceedings of International Conference on Electron Microscopy. London July 1954. p257-259.

Year: 1954

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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The development of viruses in nuclei of the mid-gut epithelium of two insects, Diprion hercyniae (Htg.) and Neodiprion americanus banksianae (Roh.), arc shown in thin sections. Following swelling of the nuclei and nucleoli, rod-shaped virus particles a.ppear chicO)' on the exposed surfaces of trite chromatin. In N. a. banksinae it appears that groups of virus particles become surrounded by protein to form polyhedra. In D. hercynire the chronmtin appears to coagulate into small lumps which first produce virus particles on their exposed surfaces and then transform into polyhedm. Further development of the polyhedra takes place in the nuclear sap presumably by deposition of protein. An incidental observation is that the nuclear membrane of the regenerative cell of the mid-gut epithelium is pitted with small holes.