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Comparative restriction site maps of chloroplast DNA of Picea abies, Picea glauca, Picea mariana, and Picea sitchensis. 1993. White, E.E.; Watkins, R.F.; Fowler, D.P. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 23: 427-435.

Year: 1993

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 3447

Language: English

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Physical maps of chloroplast DNA of four species of Picea Diet. were compared. Restriction site differences occur between species. Four restriction site mutations were mapped, and between species differences in three more were inferred from restriction fragment patterns. Differences observed among species were not sufficient to allow phylogenetic interpretations. No differences in gene order among species were observed. Gene organization in the chloroplast genome of Picea is compared with that of Pinus L. and Pseudotsuga Carr. Gene order is colinear with that of Pseudotsuga with the exception of one inversion. Though the genomes of Picea and Pseudotsuga are colinear over a greater length than those of Picea and Pinus, this does not imply that Picea and Pseudotsuga are more closely related to each other than to Pinus, since these three patterns of gene organization could have evolved by inversion events that differed only in the order in which they occurred.