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Hymenopterous parasitoids of cranberry tipworm (Diptera: Cecidomiidae) in British Columbia, Canada. Peach, D.A.H.; Huber, J.T.; Fitzpatrick, S.M. Canadian Entomology 144:1-4.

Year: 2012

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 34846

Language: English

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Two parasitoids, identified as a species each of Aprostocetus Westwood (near Aprostocetus marylandensis (Girault)) (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) and Platygaster Latreille (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae), were discovered in cranberry shoots (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton (Ericaceae)) infested with cranberry tipworm, Dasineura oxycoccana (Johnson), on a farm in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada. Parasitoids emerged from ∼18% of collected shoots in 2009, when Aprostocetus sp. was more numerous, and in 2010, when Platygaster sp. predominated. In 2009, Aprostocetus sp. was the only parasitoid species present in May and June, and predominated until late August, when Playtgaster sp. became prevalent. In 2010, Platygaster sp. was more numerous throughout June and July; numbers of Aprostocetus sp. increased in late July and early August. The parasitoids were naturally present despite applications of the insecticide diazinon.