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The generic placement and identity of Ichneumon punctum Shaw (Hymentoptera, Mymaridae), and designation of a neotype. 2011. Huber, J.T. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 29:47-63.

Year: 2011

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 34871

Language: English

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Ichneumon punctum Shaw, 1798, currently the type species of Anaphes, is shown to be a species of Camptoptera and is transferred to that genus as Camptoptera punctum Shaw, comb. n. A neotype from England, the type locality, is designated and described in order to define the species objectively and thus settle over two centuries of doubt about the species identity. Camptoptera punctum is compared to C. foersteri Girault, newly reported from the UK, and C. saintpierrei, the only other species so far reported from the UK. All three species are illustrated. Camptoptera aula, Debauche, syn. n., is synonymized under C. foersteri, whose host is likely Cis sp., possibly boleti Scopoli (Coleoptera: Ciidae).