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Key to Genera of mymaridae in the Hawaiian Islands, with notes on some of the species (Hymenoptera: chalcidoides). 2000. Beardley, J.W.; Huber, J.T. Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society 34:1-22.

Year: 2000

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 34897

Language: English

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A key to 17 genera of Mymaridae that have been found in the Hawaiian Islands is presented. Notes on material examined and, where needed, keys to species are provided, except for the three largest genera: Anagrus Haliday, Gonatocerus Nees and Polynema Haliday, which will be treated in other papers. The remaining genera, which include 28 known species in Hawaii, are as follows: Acmopolynema Ogloblin, Anaphes Haliday, Chaetomymar Ogloblin, Cleruchus Enock, Dicopus Enock, Mymar Westwood, Ooctonus Haliday, Schizophragma Ogloblin, Stephanodes Enock and an apparently undescribed genus (one species each); Stethynium Enock (two species); Camptoptera Forster (three species); Erythmelus Enock (four species) and Alaptus Westwood (nine species). The new genus is recorded here, but is being formally described in another paper (Huber and Beardsley, 2000a). Distributional, and, occasionally, descriptive notes are given for all of the species treated. All are believed to be accidentally or, in a few cases, in disturbed areas which contain mostly introduced plants. Polynema (not treated here) is the dominant mymarid genus in areas where native vegetation predominates, and is the only one which definitely includes endemic Hawaiian species.