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The species groups of Gonatocerus nees in North America with a revision of the Sulphuripes and Ater groups (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae). 1988. Huber, J.T. Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Canada 141:3-110.

Year: 1988

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 34904

Language: English

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A provisional cladistic analysis of the species groups of Gonarocerus Nees is presented, based on 24 characters. Six species groups are defined, but only the four Nearctic ones are described. The species groups proposed are the ater, deficiens, litoralis, membraciphagus, straeleni, and sulphuripes groups. The ater group is divided into the morriLli, ater (s.s.), and bucculentas subgroups. Keys are provided to distinguish the species groups, and females of the sulphuripes- and oter-group species. Twenty-four species are recognized in the sulphuripes and ater groups for America north of Mexico. Eight species are recognized in the sulphuripes group, of which califurnicus, koebelei, maga, mexicanus, rivalis, and utahensis are redescribed. Two species, floridensis and /issonotus, are described as new. One new synonymy is proposed: titillatus is considered a junior synonym of utahensis. Sixteen species are recognized in the ater grortp, of which ashmeadi, capitatus, dolichocerus, fasciatus, latipennis, momilLi, novifasciatus, ovicenatus, and triguttatus are redescribed. Seven species, bucculentus, enicmophilus, flagellatus, impar, incomptus, inexpectattts, and infiatiscapus, are described as new. Two new synonymies are proposed: maximus is considered a junior synonym of latipennis, and marilandicas a junior synonym of dolichocerus. Lectotypes are designated for ashmeadi, capitatus, koebelei, mexicanus, morrilli, ovicenatus, triguttatus, and utahensis.