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Observations on the heliotrope flea beetle, Longitarsus albineus [Col: Chrysomelidae] with tests of its host specificity. 1981. Huber, J.T. Entomophaga 26:265-273.

Year: 1981

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 34906

Language: English

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Longitarsus albineus (Foudras) is a potential agent for the biological control of Heliotropium europaeum L. in Australia. the adults feed on the leaves and the larvae on the rootlets of the weed. Large populations of the beetle reduce plant vigour but rarely cause death of well established plants in the mediterranean region. there are 3 beetle generations per year in southern France. Third generation adults overwinter and , at the first appearance of the weed in spring, start to feed and reproduce. Feeding trials of adults and larvae against a range of economically important plants and several Boraginaceae demonstrated specificity to the genus Heliotropium.