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A method for observing and rearing the root-feeding larvae of Longitarsus albineus (foundras) (Col. chrysomelidae). 1979. Huber, J. T. Bulletin de la Société entomologique suisse. 52:431-433.

Year: 1979

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 34907

Language: English

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A method is described for observing and rearing the immature stages of Longitarsus albineus (Foundras). Mated femailes, kept in a petri dish, laid eggs in the folds of a moist filter paper strip wrapped arount the petiole of a Heliotropium europaeum leaf. Four heliotrope seedlings were transferred into an 8ooml beaker between the glass an da dark coloured blotting paper cylinder filled wiht coarse sand. After sufficient, further root growth, eggs or larvae were placed on the rootlets where they developed. A brown paper sheath placed around the beaker kept the rootlets in darkness and could be removed to observe larval development.

This method was also used successfully to rear Silona supp. (Col. Curculionidae) and may be used to observe and rear Sitona spp. (Col. Curculionidae) and may be used to observe and rear other small, root feeding invertebrates.