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The subgenera, species groups, and synonyms of Anaphes (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) with a review of the described nearctic species of the Fuscipennis group Anaphes S.S. and the described species of Anaphes (Yungaburra). 1992. Huber, J.T. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Ontario. 123:23-109.

Year: 1992

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 34913

Language: English

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The genus Anaphes Haliday is redescribed and classified into two subgenera: Anaphes S.S. and Anaphes (Yungaburra Girault). Two species groups are recognized in Anaphes S.S. - the fuscipennis group (previously Anaphes s.s.) and the crassicornis group (previously Patasson Walker). Three species groups are recognized in A. (Yungaburra) - the amplipennis group [previously A. (Austranaphes Ogloblin)], the nitens group (previously Yungaburra s.s.), and an unnamed group based on undescribed species principally from New Zealand. A phylogeny is proposed in which the subgenus Yungaburra, with an austral disjunct distribution, is hypothesized to be the primitive sister group and the more derived subgenus Anaphes occurs principally in the Northern Hemisphere. Descriptive notes are provided for the type species of 9 of the 14 synonyms of Anaphes, based on study of their primary type specimens. Lectotypes are designated for Anaphes pratensis Forster and Hofenederia pectoralis Soyka. The following new synonymies are proposed: A. ranalteri (Soyka) and A. lacensis (Soyka) under A. medius Soyka; A. pinguicornis (Soyka) under A. pectoralis (Soyka);_ A. capitulata_ (Soyka), A. filicornis (Soyka),_ A. maculata_ (Soyka), A. neopratensis (Soyka), and_ A. stammeri_ยท (Soyka) under A. fuscipennis Haliday; A. lemae Bakkendorf under A. jlavipes Forster; and A. neuquenensis Ogloblin under A. pucarobius Ogloblin. Keys are given to the subgenera and species groups of Anaphes. The 9 described Nearctic species of the fuscipennis group are reviewed and keyed. The 6 descibed species of A. (Yungaburra) are keyed. One new species, A.(Anaphes) byrrhidiphagus, is described. A checklist of 250 nominal species of Anaphes is given, 16 of which were previously assigned to other genera. Two species are removed here from Anaphes to Erythmelus Enock, as new combinations: Erythmelus harveyi (Girault) and E. tingitiphagus (Soares). Anaphes [oersteri Ratzeburg is provisionally assigned to Anagrus but its true placement may never be determined because its type specimen(s) were destroyed.