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Fenusa pumila Leach, birch leaf miner, Profenusa thomsoni (Konow), ambermarked birch leaf miner (Hymenoptera: tenthredinidae). 2013. (Chapter 24) MacQuarrie, C.J.K.; Langor, D.W.; Digweed, S.C.; Spence, J.R. Pages 175-181 in Biological Control Programmes in Canada 2001-2012. P.G. Mason and D.R. Gillespie, editors. Oxfordshire, U.K., CABI Press. 504p.

Year: 2013

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 35283

Language: English

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Plain Language Summary

This chapter summarizes and reviews all biological control efforts against two pests of birch trees between 2001 and 2012. The two species of sawflies have caused damage in much of Canada at various places since the 1920s, with most of the damage occurring in Western Canada during the period covered in this chapter. This review is the third addressing these two species and is intended to serve as a milepost for anyone to refer to when planning research or management efforts against these pests in the future. There were four significant findings: 1) the birch leafminer is now rare in Canada, 2) most damage occurred in western Canada and was caused by the ambermarked birch leafminer, 3) between 2004 and 2007, over 4500 stingless parasitic wasps were released in three regions with large populations of the ambermarked birch leafminer, and 4) the wasps established in parts of all three regions where they were released. The two earlier reviews made eight suggestions to future researchers to answer about these species. This paper reviewed the scientific literature to see if any of those eight suggestions had been followed and found that roughly half had been addressed in the review period. Additional recommendations were then made.