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Twenty-three years of management in the Rockland red pine plantation. 1965. von Althen, F.W.; Stiell, W.M. Department of Forestry, Ottawa, Ontario. Departmental Publication no. 1123. 20 p.

Year: 1965

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 35661

Language: English

Series: Departmental Publication (CFS - Edmonton)

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Effects of thinning and pruning on survival, growth, and quality timber production were studied in a red pine plantation near Ottawa, Ontario. In the thinned stand diameter growth of the residual trees was increased as well as basal area growth per acre, while height growth was not affected. Gross volume production was nearly equal for both stands while net production was higher in the thinned stand due to salvage of natural mortality. Appraisal of all trees in regard to size, stem straightness and freedom from defects indicated that thinning and pruning had already increased average quality in the managed stand at age 50 and an even faster increase is expected in the production of quality material with increasing stand age. Calculation of gross returns under three intensities of utilization indicated higher returns for the control stand under pulpwood and sawlong-pulpwood management while the thinned stand showed higher returns under intesnive pole-sawlog-pulpwood management.