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Seeding white spruce, black spruce and jack pine on burned seedbeds in Manitoba. 1966. Jarvis, J.M. Department of Forestry, Ottawa, Ontario. Departmental Publication 1166. 8 pages.

Year: 1966

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 35664

Language: English

Series: Departmental Publication (CFS - Edmonton)

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Studies (Phelps 1948 and Rowe 1955) in the Mixedwood Forest Section (Rowe 1959) have shown that the removal of all organic matter by fire to expose mineral soil under stands of white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) and trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) on upland sites provides favourable seedbeds for the establishment of white spruce. White spruce regeneration has not been studied however on other fire-prepared seedbeds nor has it been compared with regeneration of other commercially important species such as black spruce (Picea mariana (Mill.) BSP.) or jack pine Pinus banksiana Lamb.). Therefore, a study was undertaken in 1963 to compare germination and survival of these species on different seedbeds created by fire. Such information will be useful for management programs in which prescribed burning is contemplated as a means of site preparation.