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Changements climatiques et aménagement forestier durable au Canada : guide d’évaluation de la vulnérabilité et d’intégration des mesures d’adaptation dans le processus décisionnel. 2015. Edwards, J.E.; Pearce, C.; Ogden, A.E.; Williamson, T.B. Conseil canadien des ministres des forêts, Ottawa, Ontario. 166 p.

Year: 2015

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 35957

Language: French

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Plain Language Summary

The current guidebook, one in a series by Canadian Council of Forest Minister’s (CCFM) Climate Change Task Force, provides a “how to” tool for applying the CCFM adaptation framework. It brings together many of the other tools explored in the series to provide a comprehensive approach, with phases for organizational readiness, pre-vulnerability analysis, vulnerability assessment, and adaptation of sustainable forest management. The guidebook includes checklists and worksheets to help teams conducting assessments. Most important, it leads from theory to practice, from assessment to options for adaptation. The goal is to make adaptability a day-to-day reality (“mainstreaming”). Explanations, definitions, hints, case studies, and additional resources are also provided. Approaches, tools, and support such as this guidebook will help Canadian forest-based communities, forest managers, and other stakeholders face the unpredictable effects of climate change with greater knowledge and confidence.

Also available under the title:
Climate change and sustainable forest management in Canada: a guidebook for assessing vulnerability and mainstreaming adaptation into decision making. (English)