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Assessing the bioenergy potential of poplar and willow plantations. Larocque, G. 2015. NRCan, CFS, Laurentian Forestry Centre, Québec, Que. Branching out from the Canadian Forest Service, Laurentian Forestry Centre. No. 102. 1 p.

Year: 2015

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 36496

Language: English

Series: Branching Out (LFC - Québec)

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Establishing a plantation with rapid-growth species for bioenergy purposes, such as hybrid poplars or willows, is one thing. But estimating the quantity of biomass that it contains is quite another thing. To meet this requirement, a Canadian Forest Service team developed the ENBIOCAL (ENergy BIOmass CALculation) tool.

Plain Language Summary

This fact sheet presents ENBIOCAL, a tool designed to estimate the quantity of biomass contained in willow and hybrid poplar plantations for bioenergy production purposes.

Branching Out is a series of plain language fact sheets describing Laurentian Forestry Centre research projects.

Also available under the title:
Plantations de peupliers et de saules : comment évaluer leur potentiel en bioénergie? L’éclaircie du Service canadien des forêts, Centre de foresterie des Laurentides. No 102. (French)