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The effect of forest disturbances on populations of wasps and bees in Northwestern Ontario (Hymenoptera: aculeata). 1972. Fye, R.E. The Canadian Entomologist 104:1623-1633.

Year: 1972

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 36769

Language: English

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Populations of wasps and bees are larger and more diverse in areas of recently disturbed boreal forest than in non-disturbed areas. Population differences are correlated directly with light penetration which also results in a larger array of pioneer ground cover. The ground cover provides abundant floral forage for the bees and adequate lepidopterous prey for the wasps. The regeneration of the forest results in a decline in the quantity and diversity of the ground cover and the attending aculeate populations. Results from timed census studies, glass-pane barrier traps, and trap nests reflected similar relative attractiveness of the study sites to wasps and bees.