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Twelve new species and sixty five new provincial distribution records of Aleocharinae rove beetles of Saskatchewan, Canada (Coleoptera, Staphynilidae). 2016. Klimaszewski, J.; Larson, D.J.; Labrecque, M.; Bourdon, C. ZooKeys 610: 45-112.

Year: 2016

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 37120

Language: English

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One hundred twenty species of aleocharine beetles (Staphylinidae) are recognized in the province of Saskatchewan. Sixty-five new provincial records, including twelve new species and one new North American record, are presented. Oligota inflate (Mannerheim), a Palearctic species, is newly recorded for North America. The following twelve species are described as new to science: Acrotona pseudopygmaea Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Agaricomorpha pulchra Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n. (new genus record for Canadian fauna), Aleochara elisabethae_ Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Atheta (Dimetrota) larsonae Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Atheta (Microdota) pseudopittionii Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Atheta (Microdota) spermathecorum Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Atheta (sensu lato) richardsoni Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Brachyusa saskatchewanae Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Dochmonota langori Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Dochmonota simulans Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., Dochmonota websteri Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n., and Oxypoda domestica Klimaszewski & Larson, sp. n. Colour images of habitus and black and white images of the median lobe of the aedeagus, spermatheca, and tergite and sternite VIII are presented for all new species, Oligota inflate Mannerheim and Dochmonota rudiventris (Eppelsheim). A new synonymy is established: Tetralina filitarsus Casey, syn. n. = Tetralina helenae Casey, now placed in the genus Brachyusa Mulsant & Rey.

Plain Language Summary

In this article, the researchers describe 12 new species of beetles within the Aleocharinae subfamily that are present in Saskatchewan. These insects are mainly present in Canada’s boreal forests.

The research focused on 122 species of rove beetles. Sixty-five species of rove beetles were observed for the first time in Saskatchewan, among which 12 had never before been seen in Canada, and one had never been observed in North America. The article also includes an identification key, photos and habitat data.

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