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Advances in forest genetics, genomics and biodiversity at the Canadian Forest Service, Laurentian Forestry Centre. 2005. Beaulieu, J.; Daoust, G.; Isabel, N.; Bigras, F.; Deslauriers, M. Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth Meeting of the Canadian Tree Improvement Association : Climate change and forest genetics, Kelowna, BC. July 26-29, 2004.

Year: 2005

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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This report summarizes the progress of the Canadian Forest Service - Laurentian Forestry Centre’s research in forest genetics, genomics, molecular ecology and biodiversity for the period 2002–2004. Our activities have mainly focused on breeding work in three spruces, eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) and Canada yew (Taxus Canadensis). We have also continued to spend time on population genetics studies of forest tree species and in structural genomics in collaboration with J. Bousquet from Laval University (LU) and as part of our participation in the activities of the Canada Research Chair in Forest and Environmental Genomics (Tier I). Research was also done in collaboration with our colleagues from Forintek Canada Corporation and Laval University on genetic variation and control of wood characteristics. Some of us have also joined the functional genomics research program Arborea (Mackay et al.), a major initiative, funded by Genome Canada for studying functional diversity of transcription factors. On another front, in collaboration with J. Bousquet and M. Perron et al. (Forêt Québec), nuclear and organellar diagnostic markers for the recognition of larch species and their hybrids has been developed.