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Essais de jardinage sans martelage dans des peuplements irréguliers de sapin baumier et d’épinette noire. 2010. Cimon-Morin, J.; Ruel, J.-C.; Darveau, M.; Lussier, J.-M.; Meek, P.; Roy, V. For. Chron. 86(4): 498-510.

Year: 2010

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 39608

Language: English

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It is increasingly accepted that silviculture must now try to maintain complex stands. In this context, selection cutting has been suggested as an option for irregular boreal stands. However, selection cutting in virgin stands could prove difficult to apply at a reasonable cost. In an attempt to reduce harvesting costs, two selection cutting patterns were implemented, avoiding tree marking. The efficacy of this approach was evaluated by comparing the results of plots harvested without tree marking to those with tree marking. To proceed in the absence of tree marking, silvicultural types were defined as well as a rule for the selection of stems to harvest; the final choice of stems to fell was therefore left to the operator upon harvesting. The effects of the different silvicultural and tree marking treatments were examined in relation to their ability to maintain the main structural and functional attributes of irregular boreal stands. A follow-up was conducted with regards to structure, composition, residual stand basal area, abundance of woody debris and mortality. The absence of marking did not affect the performance of selection cutting treatments in terms of basal area, quadratic mean diameter and Shannon index. Tree vigour was not modified by harvesting, both with and without tree marking. Stand composition was not influenced by the absence of marking. Snag abundance was reduced to similar levels regardless of marking. Tree marking did not influence the abundance of downed woody debris. As a consequence, it seems possible to apply a simplified approach of selection cutting, without compromising the success of the treatment in these stands.