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The biota of Canada – A biodiversity assessment. Part 1: The terrestrial arthropods. 2019. Langor, D.W.; Sheffield, C.S. (Eds). ZooKeys 819:1-520.

Year: 2019

Available from: Northern Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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This volume includes 30 review articles, written by 70 authors from around the world, that collectively examine the diversity of terrestrial arthropods in Canada, which represent 53% of the known species in the country. Drawing on data from many sources, each of >1000 families occurring in Canada is assessed with respect to diversity of described species, number of Barcode Index Numbers assigned to Canadian specimens, and general distribution (by ecozone) in the country. Furthermore, the number of undocumented species (unrecorded, undescribed) in Canada is estimated for each family. Advances in the state of knowledge of Canada’s diversity over the last 40 years are described, and knowledge gaps and opportunities to address them discussed. This volume will be of value to those interested in taxonomy, faunistics, biogeography, and conservation.

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