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Special issue on invasive pests of forests and urban trees: pathways, early detection, and management. Sweeney, J.D., Rassati, D., Meurisse, N., Hurley, B., Duan, J., Stauffer, C., & Battisti, A. (2019). Journal of Pest Science, 92 (1).

Year: 2019

Issued by: Atlantic Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 40293

Language: English

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DOI: 10.1007/s10340-018-01073-6

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Invasive insects cause significant economic and ecological damage to urban and natural forests worldwide and the rate of new exotic insect introductions shows no or little sign of slowing in the face of expanding global trade. Therefore, the need for improved tools, strategies, and policies for prevention, early detection, and management of invasive forest insects is critical. This special issue on pathways, early detection, and management of invasive pests of forests and urban trees contains eleven reviews on topics ranging from the use of sentinel plantings to predict the impact of an exotic species before their introduction, to current methods of biosurveillance and how these could be enhanced using genomics. Several reviews focus on the management of particular invasive insect pests of urban and forest tree species such as the chestnut gall wasp and Sirex wood wasp. The special issue also contains sixteen original papers that advance our knowledge of phytosanitary treatments, ways in which invasive species spread in new habitats, and improved tools and strategies for their early detection and management. We hope that the information and discoveries in this issue will be used to more effectively manage invasive pests of urban and forest trees.