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Preliminary study of genetic variation in western gall rust populations in British Columbia, Canada, using molecular markers. 1995. Sun, L.-J.; van der Kamp, B.J.; Carlson, J.E.; White, E.E. Pages 149-155 in S. Kaneko, K. Katsuya, M. Kakishima, and Y. Ono, Editors. Proceedings of the 4th IUFRO Rusts of Pines Working Party Conference, Tsukuba, Japan. University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan.

Year: 1995

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 4058

Language: English

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We have employed RFLP and RAPD molecular markers to detect genetic variation of western gall rust (Endrocronartium harknessii (Moore) Hirat.) in British Columbia. With the RFLP technique, two probes and six enzymes out of combinations of 6 probes and 12 enzymes revealed polymorphisms. Variation at ribosomal DNA sites were detected within and among 25 samples from 5 populations. We also tested the RAPD technique to accommodate large scale population sample assays. One hundred-eighty primers were screened, of which 64 primers were polymorphic. With 12 polymorphic primers, a total 96 single galls from 12 locations (4 of coastal, 2 of transition zone and 6 interior) were screened. The results revealed variation within populations for the number of polymorphic bands observed. Markers that distinguished geographically separated populations were observed.