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Analyses bioéconomiques nationales sur l’approvisionnement en bois, la gestion des forêts, du caribou et des effets cumulatifs – compromis, rapport coût-efficacité, risques et possibilités, 2022, Ressources naturelles Canada, Service canadien des forêts, Connexion de recherches : Les effets cumulatifs. Note 13. 3 p.

Year: 2022

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 40652

Language: French

Series: Research Connections - Cumulative Effects

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Plain Language Summary

This project will help inform stakeholders about economic costs, benefits and trade-offs surrounding industrial forest activities and caribou habitat. The project aims to inform national level policy and strategic decision-making. The team will develop new national-scale datasets that include socio-economic considerations and climate change impacts. The computer-based modeling framework used in this project will simulate both human and natural forest landscape processes through time and explore the impact of potential management actions. This work should help minimize the trade-offs between economic development and habitat protection, as well as help focus attention on knowledge and research needs.

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National bio-economic analyses of timber supplies, forest management, caribou and cumulative effects – trade-offs, cost effectiveness, risks and opportunities. Note 13 (English)