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Computer-based training in tree damage assessment. 1995. Thomson, A.J.; van Sickle, G.A. AI Applications 9(2): 53-68 (with disks). (includes: disks).

Year: 1995

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 4066

Language: English

Availability: Not available through the CFS (click for more information).

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DESTIMAS (for Tree Damage Estimation Training System) uses hypermedia technology as a user interface to access not only text and images, but also external object-oriented programs. These external programs dynamically create the desired graphics objects and carry out performance evaluation. The mode of drawing is context-sensitive, through inheritance of an argument list based on the student's browse path through the hypermedia training material. This argument list is passed to the graphics program. The browse history maintained by the hypermedia environment can be used to construct student models. Description of a range of rating systems is facilitated by the ability to construct interactive tables in hypermedia.

Computer-based training in tree damage assessment permits standardization of visual ratings. The system uses a "drill-and-practice" format in which an objected-oriented tree graphics program (TREES++) generates known levels of damage in the "drill" or demonstration mode, and test patterns in the "practice" mode. Indicators of student performance are related to features of the user interface.