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Forest soil biotic communities show few responses to wood ash applications at multiple sites across Canada. Smenderovac, E.E., Emilson, C., Porter, T.M., Morris, D.M., Hazlett, P.W., Diochon, A., Basiliko, N., Bélanger, N., Markham, J., Rutherford, P.M., van Rees, K., Jones, T., Venier, L.A., Canada. Sci Rep (2022)12, 4171 .

Year: 2022

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 40669

Language: English

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We assessed arthropod, bacterial and fungal communities in soils from 8 studies across Canada with control and ash amendment using metabarcoding and enzyme analyses. We did not find any consistent or large trends supporting that ash amendment up to 20 tonnes/hectare results in large changes to community structures. This suggests that the risks of allowing broader applications of ash, such as larger scale pilot studies are likely minimal, and that the existing permit process that limits ash amendment may require revision, as it may be more restrictive than required.