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Forest to function: Applying a novel modeling approach to monitor and improve ecosystem services and function recovery in disturbed landscapes, 2021, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Research Connections: Cumulative Effects. Note 12. 3 p.

Year: 2022

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 40699

Language: English

Series: Research Connections - Cumulative Effects

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A common goal of restoration is to return disturbed areas back to self-sustaining, functioning ecosystems that resemble the surrounding natural landscape. This project will develop indicators on reclamation success to allow land managers to predict if degraded sites have the potential to return to productive and resilient ecosystems. This research aims to not only develop indicators of recovery, but also tools to provide guidance on what species to plant to optimize the delivery of multiple ecosystem services. A key deliverable of this project is PlantR, a tool designed to help resource managers decide which species to plant, and in which combination, to achieve specific restoration goals.

Also available under the title:
De la forêt à ses fonctions : Application d’une nouvelle approche de modélisation axée sur la surveillance et l’amélioration des services écosystémiques et la restauration des fonctions des paysages perturbés. Note 12 (French)