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De la forêt à ses fonctions : Application d’une nouvelle approche de modélisation axée sur la surveillance et l’amélioration des services écosystémiques et la restauration des fonctions des paysages perturbés, 2022, Ressources naturelles Canada, Service canadien des forêts, Connexion de recherches : Les effets cumulatifs. Note 12. 3 p.

Year: 2022

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 40700

Language: French

Series: Research Connections - Cumulative Effects

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The industrial footprint associated with the exploration and development of the in-situ oil sands in Alberta has a direct negative influence on caribou populations. The implementation of key restoration treatments may help improve the recovery of woodland caribou populations, particularly in heavily fragmented areas within caribou ranges. The overarching objective of this project is to optimize and monitor the implementation of silvicultural practices following in-situ oil and gas exploration and development in Alberta, in the context of facilitating restoration success and addressing operational challenges. This project should result in a better understanding of the potential risks and cumulative effects of forest disturbances associated with current restoration practices, and will help develop mitigation strategies. By enhancing and expanding current practices in restoration programs, this research may help accelerate the restoration of critical caribou habitat.

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Forest to function: Applying a novel modeling approach to monitor and improve ecosystem services and function recovery in disturbed landscapes. Note 12 (English)