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Canadian Fire Management Agency Readiness for WildFireSat: Assessment and Strategies for Enhanced Preparedness. McFayden C.B., Hope E.S., Boychuk D., Johnston L.M., Richardson A., Coyle M., Sloane M., Cantin A.S., Johnston J.M., Lynham T.J. Fire 2023

Year: 2023

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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WildFireSat is the only public satellite monitoring system being developed specifically for Canadian wildland fire management needs. The satellite system is being designed in collaboration with Provincial and Territorial fire management agencies and will provide fire intelligence products beyond what is currently available. WildFireSat will have a finite time in orbit, and it is important to consider how quickly products can be used, especially new or unfamiliar products. This study assessed the readiness of Canadian fire management agencies to include WildFireSat products into their wildfire response and preparedness decisions. Three components of readiness were identified: understanding (the degree and scope of knowledge about remote sensing products), organization (the capacity of people and processes to integrate products into policies and procedures), and information management and technology (the agility and processes to implement products in technology systems). Using survey and agency data, indicators of readiness were scored and weighted by experts. Strategies to improve readiness were suggested based on the survey and engagement with the fire management agencies. Similarities between fire management agency readiness were also explored. The results indicated some gaps in readiness, which could be filled by the strategies suggested. The similarities and differences between agencies can be used to guide collaborations between agencies.