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The productivity and cost of partial and clear cutting with two cable yarding systems in second-growth forests of coastal British Columbia. Part I. 1996. Howard, A.F.; Rutherford, D.; Young, G.G. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, BC. Working Paper WP-6-015, copublished by the BC Ministry of Forests.

Year: 1996

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 4331

Language: English

Series: Working Paper WP (PFC - Victoria)

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The focus of this study was to integrate the choice of silvicultural systems and the development of stand-level prescriptions with the design and operation of timber harvesting systems. The objectives of the study were to: determine the productivity and cost of two alternative cable harvesting methods for second-growth stands in coastal British Columbia; derive models for predicting the productivity and costs of the harvesting methods; perform a cost comparison of partial cutting and clearcutting for the trial sites; and establish sample plots at the field sites for assessment of damage to residual trees. Both yarders (one a medium sized swing yarder and the other a small stationary yarder) were well-suited for partial cutting in second-growth stands. Most of the variation in productivity observed between the two study sites can be attributed to differences in the size of trees harvested and the resulting log sizes. Differences in the cost between the two systems was likely a result of the higher capital costs of the swing yarder. Both contractors would benefit from more advance planning of their operations, especially with respect to the design and layout of yarding corridors.