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The national forest inventory in Canada: Its strengths and weaknesses. 1994. Magnussen, S.; Gray, S.L. Pages 7-13 in J.P. Skovsgaard and C.P. Hansen, editors. Forest inventory research and practices in Scandinavia, Proceedings: Biennial meeting of the Nordic cooperative research group on forest inventory. August 1-3, 1994, Raadvad, Denmark. Ministry of the Environment, National Forest and Nature Agency, Copenhagen, copublished by the Ministry of Agriculture, Danish Forest and Landscape Institute, Lyngby.

Year: 1994

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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The national forest inventory in Canada is a spatially referenced roll-up of provincial, territorial, and federal source inventories. The majority of source inventories are management type inventories based on aerial photo-interpretation and renewed on a 10-20 year cycle. All source inventories are converted to a set of national classifiers and aggregated to 'cells'. A cell is usually equivalent to a 10 x 10 km map sheet. The information in the national inventory is on the average 10-15 years old with older blocks in remote areas. Levels of details and local inventory procedures vary across the nation. Given the increased demand for up-to-date forest resource information the shortcomings of the national inventory is recognized and a pilot project is underway to demonstrate a new generation of 'holistic' inventories.