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Data processing and analysis for Mifucam: A trial of MEIS imagery for forest inventory mapping. 1995. Leckie, D.G.; Beaubien, J.; Gibson, J.R.; O'Neill, N.T.; Piekutowski, T.; Joyce, S.P. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 21(3): 337-356.

Year: 1995

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 4494

Language: English

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MIFUCAM (Méthode d'inventaire forestier utilisant le capteur aéroporté MEIS) is a trial of digital high-resolution multispectral airborne imagery for forest inventory mapping. MEIS (Multispectral Electro-optical Imaging Scanner) linear array imager data were acquired over two test areas in Québec, Canada. The main site, a 10 km by 14 km block, was flown with 26 flight lines of 60 cm resolution. The major processing steps are: sensor calibration, radiometric correction for the atmosphere and view angle effects, geometric correction, and image enhancement followed by forest stand delineation and interpretation. These steps are described and demonstrated. Further work is on-going, but progress has been made toward determining the feasibility of high-resolution digital imagery for forest inventory mapping and the developments needed to improve systems so that the technology can become operational.