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Inventaire des forêts du Canada 1986 - Supplément technique. 1991. Gray, S.L.; Nietmann, K. Forêts Canada, Institut forestier national de Petawawa, Chalk River (Ontario). Rapport d’information PI-X-086F. 168 p.

Year: 1991

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 4537

Language: French

Series: Information Report (Petawawa)

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Canada's forest inventory 1986 is a base for strategic decision-making as well as being background information. The report describes source data for Canada's forest inventory 1986, how they were compiled, and gives precautions for proper use. Data summaries and maps are reported in separate publications. The inventory coverage has improved since the last Canada-wide inventory (1981) and now includes all significant forestry areas. The result is the most up-to-date wood volume information for Canada as of 1986. A special feature of these forestry data is that they are available by 43 172 geographic units, most of which are about 100 km2. These kinds of spatially detailed data can then be combined with other referenced data. The information is up to 40 years old (1946) and on average is 10 years old (1976). The data consist of area and volume statistics by up to 12 classifiers. The volume data are available for up to 19 species groups for pulpwood and sawwood utilization specifications. Age class, predominant genus, sawwood volumes, cull factors to give net volumes, policy constraint, productivity, and tree size-volume relationship are new since the last inventory. Several other refinements are introduced, especially an improved handling of missing values and stocking. Not all classifiers and classes are available from every source inventory.

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Canada's forest inventory 1986 - technical supplement (English)