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The future of robotics in silviculture. 1992. Strome, W.M. Pages 887-896 in W. Wells, editor. The 3rd International Conference on Advances in Communication and Control Systems: From Theory to Practice (COMCON3) Vols 1 & 2, October 16-18, 1991, Victoria, B.C. Optimization Software Inc, Los Angeles, CA. 941 p.

Year: 1992

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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Forestry is a major contributor to Canada's gross national product. Canada is committed to the concept of sustainable development for its forest resources to ensure that the economic, social and ecological benefits accruing from our vast forest land will be enjoyed by Canadians in perpetuity. To achieve these goals, it will be necessary to increase the intensity of silvicultural operations in our forests. It is unlikely that we will have the necessary manpower to carry out the operations, or that intensive manual operations will be economically practical. Thus, we must look at the potential for the use of automated or semi-automated machinery or robotic systems to carry out these intensive operations in a cost-effective manner. Some silviculture operations which might benefit from robotics and artificial intelligence are described. Some of the potential problems, possible solutions and research areas are elaborated.