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Variability in sub-regional impacts of dwarf mistletoe on mature lodgepole pine. 1997. Thomson, A.J.; Muir, J.A.; Lewis, K.J. The Forestry Chronicle 73(3): 371-375.

Year: 1997

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 4802

Language: English

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Impact of lodgepole pine dwarf mistletoe was determined in six sub-areas of Forest Inventory Zone H, near Prince George, British Columbia, using a roadside survey and measurements of mature infected trees. Mistletoe effects on DBH were evident only in two of the sub-areas surveyed (Westlake and Nechako). After correcting DBH measurements for competition (stand density), dbh of 100-120 year old and 121-150 year old trees was reduced 10% and 17% respectively, in the highest mistletoe rating (DMR) category (4.5-6.0). Height/DBH relationships were affected by dwarf mistletoe only in the Nechako area. Mistletoe effects in the Nechako and Westlake areas, in stands older than 120 years with mistletoe ratings of 4.5-6.0, resulted in volume reductions of 28-42%, depending on the effects of mistletoe on height. Further losses might accrue in lodgepole pine stands if clear-cut harvesting were restricted by the BC Forest Practices Code, unless infected stems are selectively removed.