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Inventaire des forêts du Canada 1991: version 1994 - supplément technique. 1998. Gray, S.L.; Power, K. Ressources naturelles Canada, Service canadien des forêts, Centre de foresterie du Pacifique, Victoria, C-B. Rapport d’information BC-X-363F. 75 p.

Year: 1998

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 5118

Language: French

Series: Information Report (PFC - Victoria)

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Canada’s Forest Inventory 1991 (1994 version) is a national compilation of provincial forest resources inventory data. This national inventory is maintained as a database and it provides information for strategic decision-making and gives general background information on Canada’s forest resources. This report describes the database, the source data, how the data were compiled, and provides some direction for its use. Data summaries and maps are reported in separate companion publications.

The database is normally compiled at five-year intervals, the latest being 1991. The database was extended in 1994 to include data for Quebec and this report describes the database including this addition. The differences between the 1991 and 1994 versions of the database are described in this report.

The inventory now includes all the major forested zones. The information is a compilation of 48 data sets using the most current data from the contributing inventories. The data consist of area and wood volume statistics by up to 12 classifiers. The volume data are available by 17 species groups using pulpwood utilization specifications. The data are supplemented with information on access, forest section, ecoregions, FAO forest use classes, policy constraint, productivity, and stocking mixture. The growth is now based on volume and age data in the inventory. Sawwood volume, tree size-volume relationship and cull have been dropped since 1986.

Successive versions of CanFI (1981, 1986, 1991, 1994) represent the latest compilations at those times, but differences between them cannot be used as estimates of real change. Some source inventories are the same as those used in earlier versions of the database. Reinventoried areas may use different classification schemes or definitions. Not all classifiers and classes are available from every source inventory.

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