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Towards a plot size for Canada's National Forest Inventory. 2000. Magnussen, S.; Boudewyn, P.A.; Gillis, M.D. Pages 116-128 in M. Hansen and T. Burk, Editors. Integrated tools for natural resources inventories in the 21st century, Proceedings: IUFRO Conference. August 16-20, 1998, Boise, ID. USDA Forest Service, St. Paul, MN, General Technical Report NC-212. 743 p.

Year: 2000

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 5483

Language: English

Series: USDA General Technical Report

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A proposed national forest inventory for Canada is to report on the state and trends of resource attributes gathered mainly from aerial photos of sample plots located on a national grid. A pilot project in New Brunswick indicates it takes about 2800 square 400-ha plots (10 percent inventoried) to achieve a relative standard error of 10 percent or less on 14 out of 17 estimates of forest strata (cover type) proportions; it takes about 3300 plots of similar size to achieve the same precision target on 68 of 85 strata type x age proportions. Minimum cost solutions for fixed targets of relative precision and power include plot sizes from 71 to 192 ha and sampling intensities from 0.2 to 3.5 percent. Multivariate solutions exploiting the covariance in the data called for less sampling than univariate solution.