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Biological control of Rubus spp. in conifer regeneration sites. (Abstract). 2000. Shamoun, S.F.; Oleskevich, C. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 22(2): 192.

Year: 2000

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 5539

Language: English

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Rubus spp. are serious weeds in conifer regeneration sites that have the capacity to rapidly invade and effectively reduce the growth and survival of young conifer seedlings. An indigenous fungus, Fusarium avenaceum, was isolated from diseased Rubus spp., selected, formulated in several liquid and solid-based media and evaluated for its efficacy as a biological control agent on Rubus spp. Several adjuvants were combined with F. avenaceum and tested for their efficacy on Rubus spp. Foliar damage was increased significantly when F. avenaceum was grown on rice-grain substrate, and the filtrates (mainly the phytotoxin moniliformin) were combined with an organosilicone adjuvants (0.4% Silwet L-77 or 1% Breakthru), and applied to Rubus strigosus and Rubus parviflorus under shade house conditions. Ongoing research is focused on improvement of the formulation efficacy, delivery technology, and assessing the potential use of F. avenaceum under field conditions.