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Nanocrystalline cellulose Nano structures made from pure cellulose used in coating, papermaking, drug delivery, biocide dispersion, composite products, etc. Cellulose nanocristalline
Nanotechnology The manufacture of materials and structures with dimensions that measure up to 100 nanometers (billionths of a metre). Nanotechnologie
National forest strategy An overarching national vision and framework for Canada’s forests developed by the Council of Canadian Forest Ministers. The first strategy appeared in 1981. Stratégie nationale sur la forêt
Native (indigenous) A species that occurs naturally in an area. Indigène
Natural regeneration Renewal of a tree crop by natural seeding, sprouting, suckering, or layering. Régénération naturelle
Necrophagous Feeding on dead or decomposing animal matter. Nécrophage
Necrosis Alteration of tissues caused by the death of cells. Nécrose
Nectar Sweet liquid produced by special glands in flowers (called nectaries) to attract insects. Nectar
Nectarivorous Feeding on nectar. Nectarivore
Needle Long, narrow reduced leaf found in conifers. Aiguille
Needle cast Reddening or browning of needles, sometimes leading to premature shedding of foliage. Rouge
Needle-feeding Living in and feeding on needles. Acicole
Needles borne in clusters (or bundles) Group of needles joined together at the base Aiguille en faisceau
Nest planting Setting out a number of seedlings or seeds close together in a prepared hole, pit, or spot. Plantation en nids
Nesting Relates to an organism that spins a silk nest or tent in order to hide or feed. Nid tissé
New forestry A forest management philosophy that attempts to retain characteristics of old-growth stands in managed stands. Nouvelle foresterie
New investments All expenditures made on buildings, engineering, construction, machinery and equipment (including imports of used machinery and equipment) for the current time period. Investment in buildings includes transfer costs on the sale of existing assets (for example, real estate commissions). Nouveaux investissements
Newsprint Made from mechanical pulp. Used mostly to make newspapers. Papier journal
Niche environment The unique environment used to sustain the existence of an organism or species. Niche écologique
Nodule Globulose or elongated mass formed by certain fungi or a mixture of plant and fungal tissues. Nodule
Non-commercial tree species A tree species for which there is currently no market. Essence forestière non commerciale
Non-status Indians People who consider themselves Indians or members of a First Nation but whom the Government of Canada does not recognize as Indians under the Indian Act. Indiens non inscrits
Non-tariff barrier An economic, political, administrative or legal impediment to trade other than a duty, tax or import quota. Barrières non tarifaires
Non-timber forest products Any commodity obtained from the forest that does not necessitate harvesting trees. It includes game animals, fur-bearers, nuts and seeds, berries, mushrooms, oils, foliage, medicinal plants, peat, fuelwood, forage, etc. Produit forestier non ligneux (PFNL)
Non-timber value A value within the forest other than timber that includes, but is not limited to, biological diversity, fisheries, wildlife, minerals, water quality and quantity, recreation and tourism, cultural heritage values, and wilderness and aesthetic values. Valeurs non ligneuses
Northern bleached hardwood kraft (NBHK) Made from northern hardwood species. Used to make a wide variety of products, from communication papers to tissue and paper towels. Pâte kraft blanchie de feuillus de l’hémisphère Nord (NBHK)
Northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) Made from northern softwood species that grow in temperate forests. Used to make a wide variety of products, from communication papers to packaging and tissue and towel products. Pâte kraft blanchie de résineux de l’hémisphère Nord (NBSK)
Nucleotides The building blocks of DNA (and RNA), each containing one nitrogenous base—adenine, guanine, cytosine, or thymine (uracil in RNA)— a phosphate molecule, and a sugar molecule (deoxyribose in DNA or ribose in RNA). Nucléotides
Nucleus A complex spherical body found in most plant, animal, and fungal cells; it is enclosed by a membrane and contains chromosomes. Noyau
Nurse log A dead or downed log that fosters tree seedlings by protecting them from such environmental factors as wind, insolation, or frost, or by providing appropriate soil and microclimate. Grume-abri
Nursery An area set aside for the raising of young trees mainly for planting out. Temporary nurseries, particularly those formed beneath a high canopy of large trees, may be termed bush nurseries. cf. field nursery Pépinière
Nursery bed One of the specially prepared plots in a nursery where seed is sown or into which transplants or cuttings are put. Planche
Nutlet Fruit, small nut. Nucule
Nutraceutical According to Health Canada, a product isolated or purified from foods (including from specific forest-based foods) that is demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease. Nutraceuticals are usually sold in medicinal forms, not as foods, and are generally considered part of the vitamin and pharmaceutical market. Produit nutraceutique
Nutrients Mineral or organic substances (elements or chemical compounds) that plants and animals require for normal growth and activity. Plants and trees obtain nutrients primarily from the soil by absorbing them through their roots. Nutriments
Nymph Synonym of the pupa or chrysalis stage found in insects with complete metamorphosis. The nymph is the final instar before the adult form. Nymphs are inactive and do not feed. Synonym of the larva in insects that go through incomplete metamorphosis. The nymph changes directly into the adult without going through a pupal stage; the nymph feeds and moves around. The term nymph is also used to describe the immature stages of acarians. Nymphe
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