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Undercutting Root-pruning of nursery stock in situ, particularly by horizontal cut. Cernage
Underplant Young trees used for underplanting. Plant de sous-étage
Underplanting Planting young trees under the canopy of an existing stand. Plantation en sous-étage
Understorey The lower level of vegetation in a forest. Usually formed by ground vegetation (mosses, herbs and lichens), herbs and shrubs. Sous-étage
Understory protection Removal of mature trees while damage to the understory is kept to a minimum. Protection du sous-étage
Undesirable species Species that conflict with or do not contribute to the management objectives. Essences indésirables
Uneven-aged Of a forest, stand, or forest type in which intermingling trees differ markedly in age. The differences in age permitted in an uneven-aged stand are usually greater than 10-20 years. Inéquienne
Uneven-aged system A silvicultural system in which stands have an uneven-aged structure. Régime inéquienne
Univoltine Having only one generation per season. Univoltin
Unmerchantable Of a tree or stand that has not attained sufficient size, quality, and/or volume to make it suitable for harvesting. Non marchand
Uprooting The removal of trees with their roots by detaching or breaking the roots below the ground surface. Déracinage
Urban forest The trees, forests, and associated organisms that grow near buildings and in gardens, green spaces, parks, and golf courses located in village, town, suburban, and urban areas. Forêt urbaine
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