Levels-of-Growing-Stock Study (LOGS)

Future potential...

The original objectives of the study have, by in large, been met. However, the value of these installations is increasing, as long-term permanent plot studies are the source of much of our knowledge about the effects of silvicultural treatments on stand development and potential yields. They provide information obtainable in no other way, and such on-the-ground examples are far more convincing than extrapolation and statistical manipulations of one-time or short-term measurements.

As these installations approach harvest age, they have produced stands that differ widely among treatments in appearance, tree size, understory development and crown development, and offer opportunities for further study:

  • evaluating the effects of thinning treatments on wood quality and value
  • evaluating trends in mean annual increment and periodic annual increment in relation to age and treatment
  • quantifying the visually striking differences in understory vegetation composition and development in relation to wildlife, biodiversity concerns and non-timber values
  • demonstrating the enormous influence that thinning can have on stand development patterns and stand characteristics, even over a relatively short period of time

Project status

  • On-going

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