Genomic-enabled forest pathogen detection


This project is funded by the Genomis initiative and aims at providing genome-based information on major pathogens to identify core sets of genes to be developed into detection and monitoring tools. In particular, we are planning to target three of the most important groups of pathogens, the tree rusts, the Dothideomyecetes and the Oomycetes. We plan to sequence and re-sequence multiple genomes, perform bioinformatics analyses and identify genes that are common and unique in those groups.


  1. Pathogen genome sequencing
  2. Identification of core sets of genes; Identification of pathogenicity genes in poplar rust
  3. Validation of gene sets using collections of isolates
  4. Determination of the origin of introduction and routes of spread of targeted pathogens
  5. Forest pathogen collection, sequence database
  6. Detection assay development


  • University of British Columbia
  • FPInnovations
  • ACIA
  • Génome Canada
  • Génome BC